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Movements - Between  Nature & Myth
Images observed through movements of water over rocks.
Revealing mystical spirits, veiled by Nature.

Bannister - Photography - Limited edition Lambda chrome prints.

These photographs have been taken from Les Roches du Diable (Devils Rocks) on the River Elle north of Quimperlé in Brittany. I had the good fortune to live on this river for five years giving me a wealth of inspiration from its spectacular scenery and the water rapids cascading through the rocks. The mirroring of some of the images comes from having Identical twins. Watching them growing up with the ability to communicate with telepathy
and mirroring each other, gave me the idea for this work. This idea has progressed into changing images of multiple panels.

Some of these images have been placed in Rathbone House

To view my virtual gallery click below then enter gallery
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White Water Movements 1-2-3

Tribal Head

Descending Water Movements 1-2-3


Movements in Blue 1.2.3

Amber Water Shadow, (torso)

Amber Movements 1-2-3


Winter Quantums 1-2-3


After Monet Movements in Green 1-2-3

Water Bug